My new blog and website


Welcome to my new blog and my new website!  First things first, a little update about what’s going on at The Last Crumb HQ.  I am hanging up my apron for a year as I am taking a little time out to do the Patisserie Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu in London (that sounds very matter of fact but I am actually jumping up and down whilst I write that).  So I won’t be doing any wedding cakes or celebration cakes this year.  As for my website, I have made some changes which I hope you will all like.  I will now be including recipes on my website and video tutorials.  I will also being doing a monthly newsletter so please feel free to join my mailing list.  My favourite thing about baking is sharing recipes, I love the tradition of it, the discussion that arises around it and there is nothing better than sitting round a table with friends and eating the results!  So see what you think.  I look forward to receiving your feedback and please feel free to share your recipes with me if you would like to.  Wish me luck - I think I might need it!  So excited about what lies ahead, I will keep you posted. xx